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The AACSM is a professional membership organization open to healthcare practitioners with a keen interest in cardiology and/or sleep medicine. The AACSM also encourages membership from allied healthcare professionals and individuals in associated industry.

The AACSM welcomes all new members to our organization. We especially welcome new members from the Academy of Clinical Sleep Disorders Disciplines who met with and heard Dr. Surkin’s talk on “The Cardiologist’s Role in Managing Sleep Apnea” which was a lively discussion about the epidemic of cardiovascular disease converging with sleep disorders in North America and worldwide. The AACSM is thrilled to welcome healthcare providers from all areas of patient care who share our mission to support research, educate providers and increase public awareness of this convergent problem.

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Why become and AACSM Member

  • Be part of the only special interest medical group bringing together Cardiology and Sleep Medicine professionals
  • Gain valuable insight on both cardiovascular diseases and sleep disorders
  • Get advanced notice of meetings and educational sessions to improve your practice
  • Network with your peers in both cardiology and sleep medicine
  • Receive updates on diagnosis and treatment to help your patients
  • Be part of the future of both Cardiology and Sleep Medicine