Sleep to Live

Our 2018 Conference “Sleep to Live” will be primary care focused – offering Physicians, Dentists, and Physician Extenders a unique collaborative educational experience – all aimed at early detection of Sleep Apnea and its comorbidities.

This year’s expert speakers will provide evidence-based education and the extension of that knowledge to your clinical practice. Each year, the ACSDD embodies a Collaborative Effort – a roundtable for all healthcare practitioners who treat and manage sleep disorders.

Together with the American Academy of Cardiovascular Disorders, we continue that charge. You’ll meet Dr. Gilles Lavigne, DDS – one of the world’s leading experts in sleep medicine, and Dr. Domingo Rodriguez-CuĂ©, MD – board-certified sleep expert with over 2 decades of success in the treatment of sleep disorders.

But that’s just the beginning. In all, you’ll meet and learn from 8 leading voices in the field of sleep medicine. A group of like-minded interdisciplinary organizations working side-by-side to bring you and your clinical team the latest in research and care – all with one goal in mind – Sleep to Live.

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